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AJ's Helping Hand

I'm Retired, have lots of time but no money

If you have no time but a little money

I can help

Are you working too many hours and need help around the house or yard to catch up?

Tired of all of those little projects piling up and nagging you. You want to fix something but can't do it alone?

I can help

I have a garage full of tools like, wheelbarrow, shovel, trimming tools, saws, hammers, drills, moving dolly, pressure washer, chainsaw etc...

I have been a DIY type person my whole life and come from a family of carpenters.

Just need a second set of hands, I can help.

Your fence needs a new board or your patio pavers a little off level, I can help.

Sidewalk needs power washed, I can help

Hole in your drywall, I can help

More ways I can help below

  • Name AJ and Wanda Urie
  • Married 30 Years
  • Electrician 30 years
  • Liaison 5 years
  • USAF 4 year
  • Phone 517-281-6416
  • Email GrandpaAJ@urie.us

More ways we can help

Small jobs around the house

Change light bulbs

Check appliances and make recommendations for repair, I was an electrical troubleshooter for 25 years

Move furniture around.

Get things down from high places

Unstick windows that won't open

Installing blinds

Installing flooring

Installing cabinets

Building things (carpentry)

Painting walls

Repairing drywall

Installing thermostats

Installing shelves

Hanging pictures

Building or tearing down walls

Installing and balancing ceiling fans or light fixtures

Cleaning a fireplace

Replace a garbage disposal

Pet care

I can feed and walk your dog


Repairing or Installing a small deck

Building or repairing a fence

Cleaning gutters

Hanging Christmas lights

Fixing garage door openers

Repairing a sprinkler


Trimming tree limbs

Installing a new mailbox

Power washing your home/driveway

Portland, Gregory, Ingleside and Aransas Pass