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Aaron J Urie

1108 La Mirada St
Portland, TX 78374
(517) 281-6416

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Retired Twice 2008-2012 and 2017 till now. Looking for part time opportunities. My healthcare is covered as a benefit of my pension. Not afraid to work odd hours at a moment's notice.

Integrity Driven Solutions, Inc. - Lansing, MI —Liaison

November 2012 to November 2017

IDS is a liaison representation company 5900 Main St Orono, Ontario, Canada.

I provided customer liaison support to T1 and T2 suppliers in the automotive industry

General Motors was my primary customer, I also worked with Ford, Chrysler and other auto companies spread out in about a 200 mile radius. I had no direct supervision. I reported back to IDS only if I needed additional help to meet customer needs and to report my hours.

On a typical day, I would be responsible for the communication between GM and a few of their suppliers. If there was an incident, I would perform an investigation into the cause and extent of the problem. Determine if the company I represented caused or contributed to it and, if needed, hire a crew to make repairs and limit the extent of the manufacturing disruption.

General Motors - Lansing, MI — Electrician

October 1978 to October 2008

I was a journeyman electrician, troubleshooting and repairing robots and other automation, for about 27 of my 30 years at GM. Before that I worked in assembly.

ADT - Lansing, MI — Security

February 1978 to October 1978

Monitored remote alarms and surveillance equipment.

Military Service - USAF — Security

October 1973 to November 1977


General Motors Electrical Apprentice

Lansing, MI— Electrical

Lansing Community College

Lansing, MI— Electrical

Commercial and residential property Owner/Landlord

For 25 years my wife and I owned rental homes and a commercial building. We collected the rent, performed the maintenance and filled vacancies ourselves. From clogged toilets to leaking roofs, we did it all. I have a fair knowledge of plumbing, electrical and other common repairs or replacements. I have cleaned, painted and made other miscellaneous repairs to refurbish apartments for new move-ins.

Computer and internet

I have more than basic experience with computers, Internet and email. I have made and updated websites back in the day when we did it by hand in HTML and CSS.